Let Me Reveal My Grace to You

I am the God of outrageous Grace — radical, incomprehensible, extravagant Grace. There’s nothing on earth like this. You can’t wrap your head or your arms around it, so don’t even try. I must simply reveal it to you. Let Me reveal my Grace to you.

I have given you a taste of this Grace, and it has touched your heart. I want to give you more. Let me reveal it to you. I want to display My lovingkindness to you. I am the One who opens your heart to receive. This is truly My master plan — let me fulfill it in you. Let me show you my Grace.

Let Me reveal my Grace to you. I need your “yes” — I will do the rest. For I am the God of Yes. All my promises are Yes. Let me have YOUR yes. That’s what I’m waiting for. May I make known My Grace to you?

This is truly what you’ve been longing for, searching for. My outrageous, radical, amazing Grace. JESUS. I want to unfold My Grace to you. I want to reveal My Son in you. Will you say Yes?


The Doorway of Extreme Dependence

Receiving “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Eph 1:3)is a simple act of faith that even a child can do. However, because of wrong thinking, wrong believing, and self-sufficiency, it is often a long and trying process in the life of a believer. God understands this. As we seek Him with all our heart, He lovingly establishes us in our true identity and leads us into the rest, freedom and blessings purchased on our behalf by His Son.

A friend of mine wrote the following lyrics many years ago. God used them, along with circumstances in my life, to move me from the path of “doing” to the road of “receiving.” The moment I read these lyrics on the piece of paper my friend casually handed me one day, I was aware of an overwhelming longing to know what he knew, as revealed on the page. I realized he understood his utter destitution apart from Christ, and I wanted to know it too. Desperation rose up in me, and I began to cry out to God about it. This continued for months. I carried the folded piece of paper around with me and took it out and read it whenever I had a free moment. Most of the time it brought me to tears.

After several months of this, one afternoon God gave me a powerful, loving vision of how He saw me in terms of my weakness and inability to live the Christian life apart from Him. I was no longer the same person. After this encounter, the lyrics had new meaning for me. God answered the deepest cry of my heart, and a peace and rest came over me that I hadn’t known before. I knew, in a new way, that I was utterly dependent upon Him. I learned that’s how He sees all of us, and that He’s just waiting for us to see it too!

My prayer is that the lyrics below touch you in some way on your journey of realizing that “apart from Him, you can do nothing,” for this is God’s doorway to receiving all the blessings in Christ that are already ours.

The Good in Me

by T.M.

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all the good in me is through You.

 When I came to your Son and begged to be freed,

That wasn’t me, Lord, it was You.

I know that wasn’t me — it was You.

All the joy around me, Lord, is You.

all the joy around me comes from You.

How could I ever think it was people or things,

It wasn’t them, Lord, it was You.

it wasn’t them — it was You.

But my world fell apart, Lord; where are You?

everything’s wrong and I’m tired, where are You?

I feel so helpless…to be happy seems a dream….

Oh my God, what has happened? Where are you?

Dear God, what has happened? Where are you?

Now that I’m helpless, what can I do?

I feel so helpless, what can I do?

What a wretched man am I — who will rescue me from this?

Now, Lord, what can I do.

What can I do…what can I do.

There is nothing I can do, Lord, it’s all You!

there is nothing I can do, it’s all You!

Now I’m helpless…and broken…and desperate…and lost…

Finally! – You can use me — I’m in You!

Oh my God, please forgive me — I forgot You!

Dear God – forgive me — I forgot You.

Your Spirit is alive, and working within me.

I praise your mercy, I love You.

I praise your mercy, I love You.

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all the good in me is through You.

Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord,

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all this good in me came through You.

Romans 7:15-25

John 19:30

Galatians 2:20 and 5:16-26

God is Satisfied with Jesus

What are you more conscious of today — your sins, or the forgiveness of your sins?   If your answer is “my sins,” then I encourage you to read this post.  For Jesus came to finish the sin issue between you and God.  He came to satisfy everything God had against you.

Paul said, It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. You are not free if you live with condemnation, that gnawing sense that you’re always blowing it; that God is constantly disappointed, disgusted or mad at you.  I lived that way for years.  My freedom and rest level was zero.

For years I believed that when Jesus said, It is finished,  He  just meant He had completed His work on earth and now was going to heaven to be with His Father.  Then one day I saw it:  IT IS FINISHEDThe sin issue has been finished in the eyes of God!  The perfect Lamb of God had met God’s stringent requirements of righteousness, and had laid down His life for you and me.  All that was left for me to do was receive it.  When you received Christ, you received complete forgiveness, once, and for all eternity, in Him.  But are you experiencing it yet?

The Cross is everything!   Here’s what happened there:

  • Jesus stood in for you and as you.  He took the punishment for the sins of the whole world, including yours — past, present and future — upon Himself.
  • When He died, all of your sins were carried away, even the ones you haven’t committed yet.  You see, when Jesus died, all of your sins were in the future!   God exhausted His wrath on His beloved Son, so you could go free. When you believed in and on Jesus, God placed you in Christ forever.  There is no more sacrifice for sin left.   None.
  • In God’s view, it’s over.  “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”  Hebrews 8:12.  Let it sink in.
  • It gets even more astounding:  When Jesus took your sin upon Himself; the Bible says He gave you His righteousness.
  • Jesus became Sin and you became Righteousness.  How could you be made righteous in God’s eyes when you were a sinner?  The same way Jesus became sin in God’s eyes even though He was completely righteous:   God’s miraculous grace!
  • The old system of living by rules and regulations to earn God’s blessings and favor was also finished!  The new covenant of favor in Christ and being led from within by the Holy Spirit had begun.

When you really understand the weight of what happened at the Cross, you will never be the same.  The condemnation on your shoulders (you may be so used to this that you don’t even feel it) will lift off and evaporate.  Then and only then will you be free to live life as God intended:   Christ in you, through you — because you will finally be at rest from your own works.  

You will never be able to satisfy God through your efforts to live by the 10 commandments, not now, not ever.  Never.

Jesus is God’s satisfaction.   Will you finally receive it?

Gal 5:1; John 19:30; 1 John 2:2; Heb 9:14; Heb 8:12; Heb 8:10; 2 Cor 5:21; Rom 8:1; Heb 9:26

Lisa L

Come and Receive My Friendship

I am a friend like no other.  I am your best friend.  No longer do I call you servant, I’m calling you My dear friend. Everyday, all day, I am your closest friend. No one loves you like I do.  I am the One who will never leave you or forsake you; I am the friend who loves you with an everlasting love.  I am the friend who delights in you everyday, all day.  I will never betray you, I will forever cherish you. I know you and approve of you.

You are a friend like no other, you are the perfect friend for Me.  I gave you My heart and you received it.  You may not treat Me perfectly, but I don’t remember your sins.  You have My Life!  Therefore you never disappoint Me, never fail Me.  You are as righteous, and perfect to Me as My Son.  You may try to leave Me, but I will never leave you.   We are joined together.   I accept you as you are, and you give Me great JOY.

John 15:15; Hebrews 13:5; Jeremiah 31:3; 2 Samuel 22:20; John 17:23; 2 Cor. 5:21; Hebrews 8:12;

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As You Have Received, Now Walk

As you have received, so walk.  You have received Me by faith.  You just believed.  That’s all!   It was simple.  It felt a little risky, but you just decided to believe, to trust, and I came into your life, didn’t I?   I came into your life, and I’ve never left.   Never left.   Just like my Word promised.  I never left, and never will.  If you only knew how long I waited to hear you say what you said.   I was planting seeds all the way, whenever I could.  I  was waiting for that day you said  “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”

Now continue to walk as you received  — free!   Not with self-effort, but with ease.   Moving through and ignoring the fears that arise — just trusting Me —  walking towards Me, believing, believing, not looking at the natural — not looking at the mountains — there are way too many of them, don’t even entertain them.   Just keep pursuing Me, believing Me, placing every area of  your life in My hands.

I love you, you are secure.   I am your security.  I am Love, and I do not fail.