Let Me Reveal My Grace to You

I am the God of outrageous Grace — radical, incomprehensible, extravagant Grace. There’s nothing on earth like this. You can’t wrap your head or your arms around it, so don’t even try. I must simply reveal it to you. Let Me reveal my Grace to you.

I have given you a taste of this Grace, and it has touched your heart. I want to give you more. Let me reveal it to you. I want to display My lovingkindness to you. I am the One who opens your heart to receive. This is truly My master plan — let me fulfill it in you. Let me show you my Grace.

Let Me reveal my Grace to you. I need your “yes” — I will do the rest. For I am the God of Yes. All my promises are Yes. Let me have YOUR yes. That’s what I’m waiting for. May I make known My Grace to you?

This is truly what you’ve been longing for, searching for. My outrageous, radical, amazing Grace. JESUS. I want to unfold My Grace to you. I want to reveal My Son in you. Will you say Yes?


I Wanted You, Chose You, Sought You, Bought You. Do You Understand My Love?

You are Mine, do you know that, really know it? 

I chose you, chose you before the foundation of the world, chose you to be my purchased possession.

Do you see how much I wanted you?  I want you to know how much I wanted you.

Let it sink in.

I searched for you.  I searched and then drew you, with great care, with great pains….and I experienced great JOY when I found you. 

I bought you, paid for you, paid for you with my Life.  YOU are the pearl of great price!

I own you, you are Mine.  I had to own you, I wasn’t satisfied until I could call you Mine. 

I want to give you so much, so much more than you could ever imagine or think to ask me for.  

I love you, do you see it yet?   I’m waiting for you to see it.  It’s so important that you see it — the width and length and depth and height of the love I have for you.  It is everything to Me, it is who I am.  You are everything to Me.

Come unto Me and receive My love.  Draw near and receive what’s already yours, yes already yours, because you belong to Me. 

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