Sitting Down

“We began our Christian life by depending not upon our own doing but upon what he had done.  Until a man does this he is no Christian; for to say:  “I can do nothing to save myself; but by his grace God has done everything for me in Christ,” is to take the first step in the life of faith.  The Christian life from start to finish is based upon this principle of utter dependence upon the Lord Jesus.  There is no limit to the grace God is willing to bestow upon us.  He will give us everything, but we can receive none of it except as we rest in him.  “Sitting” is an attitude of rest.  Something has been finished, work stops, and we sit.  It is paradoxical, but true, that we only advance in the Christian life as we learn first of all to sit down.”

Watchman Nee: Sit Walk Stand; Tyndale House; p. 15

The Doorway of Extreme Dependence

Receiving “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Eph 1:3)is a simple act of faith that even a child can do. However, because of wrong thinking, wrong believing, and self-sufficiency, it is often a long and trying process in the life of a believer. God understands this. As we seek Him with all our heart, He lovingly establishes us in our true identity and leads us into the rest, freedom and blessings purchased on our behalf by His Son.

A friend of mine wrote the following lyrics many years ago. God used them, along with circumstances in my life, to move me from the path of “doing” to the road of “receiving.” The moment I read these lyrics on the piece of paper my friend casually handed me one day, I was aware of an overwhelming longing to know what he knew, as revealed on the page. I realized he understood his utter destitution apart from Christ, and I wanted to know it too. Desperation rose up in me, and I began to cry out to God about it. This continued for months. I carried the folded piece of paper around with me and took it out and read it whenever I had a free moment. Most of the time it brought me to tears.

After several months of this, one afternoon God gave me a powerful, loving vision of how He saw me in terms of my weakness and inability to live the Christian life apart from Him. I was no longer the same person. After this encounter, the lyrics had new meaning for me. God answered the deepest cry of my heart, and a peace and rest came over me that I hadn’t known before. I knew, in a new way, that I was utterly dependent upon Him. I learned that’s how He sees all of us, and that He’s just waiting for us to see it too!

My prayer is that the lyrics below touch you in some way on your journey of realizing that “apart from Him, you can do nothing,” for this is God’s doorway to receiving all the blessings in Christ that are already ours.

The Good in Me

by T.M.

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all the good in me is through You.

 When I came to your Son and begged to be freed,

That wasn’t me, Lord, it was You.

I know that wasn’t me — it was You.

All the joy around me, Lord, is You.

all the joy around me comes from You.

How could I ever think it was people or things,

It wasn’t them, Lord, it was You.

it wasn’t them — it was You.

But my world fell apart, Lord; where are You?

everything’s wrong and I’m tired, where are You?

I feel so helpless…to be happy seems a dream….

Oh my God, what has happened? Where are you?

Dear God, what has happened? Where are you?

Now that I’m helpless, what can I do?

I feel so helpless, what can I do?

What a wretched man am I — who will rescue me from this?

Now, Lord, what can I do.

What can I do…what can I do.

There is nothing I can do, Lord, it’s all You!

there is nothing I can do, it’s all You!

Now I’m helpless…and broken…and desperate…and lost…

Finally! – You can use me — I’m in You!

Oh my God, please forgive me — I forgot You!

Dear God – forgive me — I forgot You.

Your Spirit is alive, and working within me.

I praise your mercy, I love You.

I praise your mercy, I love You.

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all the good in me is through You.

Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord,

All the good in me, Lord, is through You.

all this good in me came through You.

Romans 7:15-25

John 19:30

Galatians 2:20 and 5:16-26