I Want to be Your Home

I have made My home in you; will you make your home in Me?

I am your place of refuge, rest, comfort and beauty — the abiding place of your affections.   All your needs are met in Me, and I satisfy your true desires.  My living water flows to quench your thirst and fill your life with good things.  It’s here at home that I refresh and restore your soul.

I provide everything you need at just the right time.  I forgive all your sins, heal all your diseases, and crown you with love and tender mercies.  I joyfully renew your youth.  I am the place of perfect love, and I surround you with a peace that you will never know elsewhere.

Will you make your home in Me?

When you make Me your refuge, I will shelter you from harm, and my promises will protect you.  You won’t be afraid of storms, disasters, diseases or terrorists.  When you call on me I will answer you.  I will be with you in trouble, and I will rescue you!

I see you seek refuge in other homes, and I wait patiently, longing for your return.  I prepare a table for you that’s always ready, always waiting.  I delight in you, and miss you when you’re away.  I search for you from a distance, and my heart leaps when I see you returning.   Oh how I want to be your home every day, all day; you have no idea how much I want this.

I have made My home in you; will you make your home in Me?

John 14:23, Psalm 103, Psalm 145, Psalm 23, Psalm 90, Psalm 91, Luke 15