Who Broke Your Heart?

You were created by a God of Love and made in His image. You were not wired to receive rejection, but total, unconditional acceptance, the kind that only He can give. Rejection was not part of God’s plan; but this is a fallen world. Who broke your heart? Who rejected you? They may have even tried to love you the best they could, but didn’t know how. Who was it: a parent, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a spouse? According to Proverbs 17:22 “a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Did you know that all the cells of the immune system are derived from stem cells in the bone marrow?* A broken spirit affects your health and opens the door to other spirits.

The Bible is a love letter from start to finish. God’s grace is at its center and essence. This is the account of God lovingly and painstakingly guiding His people, despite their rebellion, into reconciliation and union with Him. In that sense, we are the focus of the Bible……because we are the grand focus of His love. Have you ever thought about that? The Bible reveals a God so in love with us, that He planned and set in motion the grand rescue of His beloved out of the hands of the enemy by suffering and dying a horrible death. This love is so amazing, so pure, that He even desires us….requires us, to choose Him, to say yes to Him, yes to His love, yes to His life eternal through Jesus Christ. There’s no hint of the fleshly, controlling love man is used to….no manipulation. Just the choice to receive pure, unconditional, freeing, everlasting love and life.

The truth is, there is an enemy, and there is a battle.  Although this enemy “now stands condemned” because of the Cross, he still has the power to kill, steal and destroy the lives of people, even believers, if they allow it. This is why the Holy Spirit, through the apostle Paul, directs us to stand, in our armor, against him in Ephesians 6.

This enemy first tries to take your peace, in a variety of ways. This causes a chemical reaction in your body and over time, diseases develop that can even be passed down through the bloodline. This accuser’s main weapon is deception; after all, he is called the Father of Lies.

This enemy is very active in the world and in the Church today. Even doctors see it….they call it the mind-body connection. Those who understand it call it the spirit-soul-body connection. Either way you label it, 80% of all diseases are rooted in this connection, even doctors acknowledge it. What is happening here? The enemy is attacking you in your thoughts; his goal is to separate you in your relationships — with God, yourself (not liking yourself), and others — through fear, accusation, and unforgiveness, among others.

Fear (stress) is one of the main principalities against us. Do you see why God said that He “has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of power, love and a sound mind?” Listen to the list of diseases that are rooted in Fear: Allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, addictions, acne, blood clots, cancer, heart attacks, insomnia, migraines, phobias, overeating, among others.*

It is estimated that 40% of the average population of most nations has allergies. For seven years I had over 40 myself, including foods, chemicals, and pets. Think about that for a second. Would God want you to be allergic to your basic necessities and enjoyments of life? Two days after recognizing the source was fear, I had none, and have been free now for 16 years.

Do you suffer from any of these diseases/conditions? If so, you have fear.  Who broke your heart?  The truth is, you are God’s beloved, and are loved with an everlasting, indwelling love, that He longs for you to know and experience. Your Heavenly Father is the Healer of your heart, and has given you authority as a child of God in Jesus’ name to renew your mind with the truth about who you are now. Your struggle is not against flesh and blood. You are not at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings. You can take them captive.

But you must first recognize what is going on.   Have you ever thought about this?

Lisa L

Eph. 6: 11; 2 Tim 1:7; Psalm 147:3
*Source: Be in Health™ Global is an internationally recognized authority on the healing and prevention of simple and complex allergies. Its teachings unravel the roots and mysteries of various diseases based on scriptural insights and what is observable in the psychiatric and medical sciences.


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